Crown Electrokinetics
ElectroKinetic Glass Technology

Crown’s proprietary Electrokinetic (EK) Film technology revolutionizes “smart” or “dynamic” glass.

Unlike other dynamic glass technologies that are only available in white or a bluish hue, our EK technology will be supplied in a wide variety of colors. With our EK technology your windows can become part of your décor, color coordinated with your design.

Crown’s Dynamic Glass is the highest overall performance technology on the market. In addition to its unique color capabilities, it provides:

  • Excellent range control from clearest to darkest
  • A 180° viewing angle
  • Very fast switching times from clear to darkest
  • Excellent visual acuity in all settings

HP Technology

Crown Electrokinetics’ EK technology resulted from years of R&D at HP Inc. (formerly known as Hewlett-Packard Company). As with many technologies, a portfolio of patents demonstrates its novelty and application.

HP is a world-leader in microfluidic technology. Crown continues to build up HP’s published research into EK technology and decades of physical-science development.

Our EK technology uses a film with electrically charged nanoparticles, suspended in an engineered fluid, allowing for electronic control of the color, transparency, and contrast of the film.

Our sophisticated approach is aesthetically superior to any other dynamic glass solution. The advanced and versatile solution allows for a large selection of colors. Other dynamic glass solutions are generally provided with a bluish tint, which may not match the décor of a building and may cast an unpleasant light. EK technology can provide tints that complement the design of a building and cast a more pleasant light.

Saving Money and Energy

Crown Electrokinetics’ dynamic glass technology can be manufactured in the form of a film and used in retrofit applications, installed on existing glass. It’s no longer necessary to replace an entire window to enjoy the benefits of dynamic glass.

The technology has very low power consumption, and can be powered by batteries or small solar cells and controlled by low power wireless devices, as part of the Internet of Things (IOT).

Additionally, EK film enjoys significantly lower cost manufacturing processes than competing dynamic glass technologies.

Patent Portfolio

Crown electrokinetic dynamic glass technology is represented by a portfolio of seven granted patents, with additional applications in process. The patents cover structural elements of the technology and electrical configurations as well as chemical attributes of the electronic ink.